Agilent PSAスペクトラム・アナライザ(3Hz~26.5GHz)

Agilent PSAスペクトラム・アナライザ(3Hz~26.5GHz)

  • 型番E4440A
  • オプション1DS 202 210 B78 B7J BAB BAC BAF
  • メーカーHP/Agilent/Keysight
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 Measures and monitors complex RF and microwave signals up to 26.5 GHz. With optional external mixing, the frequency coverage expands to 325 GHz.

  • Typical performance @ 1GHz: Dynamic range (-155 dBm DANL, +19 dBm TOI, -118 dBc/Hz phase noise at 10 kHz offset; Accuracy (±0.19 dB absolute amplitude accuracy, ±0.11 dB frequency response
  • 40 or 80 MHz analysis bandwidth to capture and measure complex signals.
  • Flexible platform with 16 optional, easy-to-use built-in measurement personalities

Save on premium quality used E4440A’s. Refurbished, freshly calibrated, certified and guaranteed to work accurately right out of the box – no worries. Purchase easy knowing that your full warranty is backed up by our in house repair engineering department .

The E4440A is the go to lab standard favored by professional technicians worldwide. Machines come and go but this one has found a comfortable place on top . It’s a great spectrum analyzer and much more. Sired from a fine pedigree of Agilent champions, this unit even has a personality that can even emulate the classic heritage of the 8902A.

The E4440A is a distinguished member of the PSA family – Performance Series Analyzer. The key word being performance! It’s broad at 30-Hz to 26.5-GHz. It can measure slow sweep speeds to get intermittent signals. Zero-band sweep speeds range from 1 µs to 6000 seconds. For spans greater than 10 Hz, sweep speeds from 2 ms to 2000 seconds. Triggering the sweeps is easy with free-run, line, video, and other external signals. The trigger can be delayed 500 ms.

Digital signal processing offers 0.35-dB absolute-amplitude accuracy compared to the common 1.5 dB of lesser machines, and an nice 0.2-dB linearity over a 100-dB range. It does away with most log fidelity errors (0.2 dB total), less bandwidth-switching errors (0.05 dB), and never be bothered by IF gain errors (0 dB) again. Now you can enjoy closer tolerances and shrink guard bands.

Cellular telecom electrical engineers love doing adjacent-channel power measurements within a distortion free dynamic range of 113db.

Find hidden low-level signals with it’s awesome phase noise capabilities in close in mode to less than 30 kHz or use auto mode above 30 kHz to get the right speed.

Clearer measurements come with it’s 160 resolution bandwidth. Enjoy superior usable dynamic range with a 2-dB step attenuator and balance close-in or far-out phase noise .

Connecting to the E4440A is a snap. LANs for data transfers – no problem. PCL3 and PCL5 – piece of cake. Screen and data capture is easy with Microsoft applications. Agilent VEE is quickly accessed with plug-and-play drivers. It even supports printers using a parallel port.

LabView and LabWindows makes analysis easy. MATLAB is your general data analysis and measurement automation tool. PowerSuite means you push a button and a world of measurement opens up for analysis of multi-carrier power, channel power, adjacent channel power, harmonic distortion, intermod (TOI), burst power, and spurious emissions.

Affordability and peace of mind. That’s where BRL Test comes in. Nobody has better pricing on premium certified used E4440A’s. Calibrated, Certified and guaranteed to work accurately right out of the box, worry free. Full warranty and lifetime support promise. All backed by the BRL Test World class repair lab with their low pricing and fastest turn around time in the industry. Save big and limit your downtime risk with BRL Test. 866-275-8378 / BRLTest.com

E4440A Options list:
015 6 GHz return-loss Measurement Accessory Kit
033 Measuring receiver connector accessory kit
0B0 Manual not included
0B1 Extra Manual Set
107 Audio input 100 kOhm
110 RF/uW internal preamplifier
111 USB device side I/O interface
115 512 MB user memory
117 Secure memory erase
122 80 MHz Wideband Option
123 Switchable MW preselector bypass
124 Y-axis video output
140 40 MHZ Bandwidth Digitizer
1CM Rackmount Kit
1CN Handle kit
1CP Rackmount and Handle Kit
1CR Rack slide kit
1DS Internal Preamplifier
202 GSM w/EDGE Measurement Personality
204 1xEV-DO Measurement Personality
210 HSDPA mearsurement personality
211 TD-SCDMA measurement personality
212 TD-SCDMA Modulation Analysis Measurement Personality
213 HSDPA/8PSK for TD-SCDMA Modulation Analysis Measurement Personality
214 1XEV-DV measurement personality
215 External Source Control Measurement Personality
217 WLAN Measurement Personality
219 Noise figure measurement personality
226 Phase noise measurement personality
230 Benchlink web remote control software
233 N5530S Measuring Receiver Software and License
235 80 MHz digitizer external calibration wizard & license
239 N9039A RF filter control
23A AM/FM/PM triggering for measuring receiver
23B CCITT filter for audio measurements
241 Flexible digital modulation analysis
266 HP8568/8566B code compatibility
511 Without digital demodulation hardware
516 40 MHz BW IF output – low band
517 Boris DIF –with opt 122 or 124
518 Natasha DIF — no opt 122 or 124
520 Preselector bias cable – no opt HNQ
521 STD WB Analog IF board
524 SCSI interface card and dress panel
627 Required for all options except HT1
628 Required for all options except 111
630 Required for option 110 without 123
631 Required for 123 without 110
632 Required for option 110 with 123
633 Required for all options except HS1, HS7 and HT1

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